5 Dumb Things Salespeople Say:

5. Hi, are you the Decision Maker?

4. Do you have 60 seconds?

3. I don’t mean to bother you, BUT

2. Is there a budget for this?

1. I didn't hear back Sooo... I'm Just Checking In!

Bad telemarketing generates bad results. It's time for a different approach.


We're A Business Development Company With A Difference

We don’t have a checklist mentality. It’s not just about getting through all of the calls. It’s about breaking through creatively and strategically, in a way that reaches the most open-minded, receptive and influential contact who gets EXCITED about your product or service. Whether we’re selling a new type of pool salt or the coolest technology ever invented, we put passion behind it.

How Do We Do It?

We get you noticed! Our emails are personalized. Our calls are unscripted. We occasionally use direct mail to get attention. And then we take a human-to-human, smart business person-to-smart business person approach to engage our prospects in interesting, high-level conversation and see if they're a good fit for what we're offering. And if they are, we close the deal.


Our Services

We can start and stop at any point along the sales continuum.




If you have a hit list, great! If not, even better. Our covert ops team is adept at researching, identifying and navigating to the absolute best contacts for your promotion.




Sales requires a powerful fusion of persuasive language and amazing design. We use our creativity to open the door and to visually show prospects your value proposition.



We cultivate business opportunities via phone calls, emails and even direct mail. We can cold call, pick up where you left off or follow up on hot leads, for example, from trade events.




If the process involves an in-person meeting or a technical call, we’re happy to set that up. Or if you want us to remain the point of contact, we’re good at pushing the sale forward. 




We love a good challenge, and sales  are the ultimate goal! That's why part of our compensation is tied to performance. And we are driven and relentless in our approach!

We Love Results!


We were tasked with setting appointments with penta-millionaires to discuss their highly sensitive insurance needs. So we sent well qualified prospects a FedEx package; an iPad with an embedded video. It contained a personal message from one CEO to another (connecting with them on a serious level). Each mailer included a return envelope to donate the iPad to charity. This campaign was so well received that we had prospects calling us to tell us how clever it was!  


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